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About us and Fiabacolor the Internet portal that is responsible for sales of branded products Easytouchup on the Internet.
The mission of Easytouchup is only one:
to save our customer service through a paint of his car, easy, fast and professional!

Leveraging the company's decades of experience in the field of automotive coatings, our company has recognized the need for' a system of touch-up paint bodywork that combines professionalism, 'simplicity' and facilita'di use.

To meet this need were born brand products Easytouchup!
We provide our customers the ability 'to make the touchup on their car, saving money for the carriage, with a product of very high quality available in more than 95% of automotive colors on the market today.

Each kit is' done manually one at a time on the basis of our formulations.


Easytouchup are trademark of:

Fiabacolor Srl
Via S.brigida, 41
Roletto 10060 Italy

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