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Please keep in mind that this is a repair kit and paint touch-up. It is not the answer for all repairs to paint, and is not a substitute for the work done in the body. Given the nature of repairs required before ordering.
However, if you do not want to go in the body shop and spend hundreds of euro to have your vehicle repaired to perfection, our system is the best alternative.
Please see our FAQ / Support information before using the product, including information about the limitations of our product and examples of photo / video demo provided.
Please contact us with any questions or problems that may occur when you apply the paint. We can very quickly solve the problem. Furthermore, our colors are formulated manually one by one based on the original code that each time you order.

General Information

General Questions

What preparatory work is required before touch up?
Wash and thoroughly dry the area of touchup and more than enough. The area must be completely dry to touch.

The coating allows for a permanent touch up?
Yes, seven years is the longest period that we monitored, and it 'as the first day it was applied.

Remodeling and Easytouchup 'produced for me?
Yes All paint is prepared especially for you based on the original color code that you ordered and therefore a customized product prepared according to the formulas of paint on the car. In fact, with thousands and thousands of manuscripts on the market we could not have in stock all products.

What is the shelf life of products Easytouchup?
With the closure of valve products paint it 's never in contact with the air so the length and up to two years. Store in a cool, dry place. For durability, shake the bottle every so often

Repair scratches, nicks and lines

What kind of editing can I do?
Our paint system is primarily designed to address both scratches and nicks lines, but will work well on some types of scratches and little on others. There are several variables that determine the quality of repair:

line long, narrow surface

- And often 'pen, just use the wizard to get a good result, may make minor adjustments with the paint pen to the end where the line' and 'more' long and deep line narrow deep

- Use the wizard pen to mitigate the damage after the area dry and apply the paint pen line across the end, if necessary after drying the paint, use the clearcoat paint pen to give brilliance to touch scratch and scratch a little extended

- When the area affected by the damage and 'below the surface of a 1 cent euro coin, use the paint pen end, if necessary after drying the paint, use the clearcoat paint pen to give brilliance to the retouching marks and scratches average extended

- When the area affected by the damage and 'somewhere between the surface of a coin one euro cent and 2 euro coin, use the paint pen medium, if necessary after drying the paint, use paint pen clearcoat to give brilliance to the touch

numerous scratches and nicks on average extended

- When the area affected by the damage It is very extensive but consists of several scrapes and scratches in the surface and single 'and' somewhere between the surface of a coin one euro cent and 2 euro coin, use the wizard pen to mitigate the damage and remove the stains of the body and strips of other cars, use the medium to touch up paint pen, if necessary after drying the paint, use the clearcoat paint pen to give brilliance to the retouching marks and scratches very extended when the area affected by the damage It is very extensive with an area of damage at or above the surface of a ticket from € 50, not recommend that you use our kit, but it 's necessary to apply paint spray or directly in the body.

Color Matching
color matching, metallic, mica, double and tricoat.

The paint you are selling is the color of my car?
Yes, we are able to pay and make over 95 percent of all the colors on the market. We use the formula provided by manufacturers of paint for each color code. Each product is hand prepared to order. Use our database to order color, find your color code with our handy guide to search for color
Warning: the color codes have many variations, or a slightly different wording for the same code due to different production batches or production sites. The deviations are usually quite mild, and the application through minor adjustments is highly unlikely that there is a color difference. The variant we used for each color and 'the standard, or that are most used.
The paint of the car body color varies slightly with each passing year because of weather. Very sunny climates rather than cold and wet climates do change the color in different ways.
Our pen and formulated the standard of a new car just out of the dealer, so there may be slight differences, however, almost invisible because of the extremely small area of retouching.

It works well on all colors?
It works well on all colors metallic, mica and pastel.
Most of the colors that we are metallized.
For some colors and metallic micallizzati defined double layer will be 'must apply with the product-transparent clearcoat to give proper effect of brilliance and depth'

Pearl colors are available?
Yes, but with a smaller matching *.
The Tri-coat pearlescent paint triple layer are made in three distinct stages of manufacture:
A base color is sprayed
Then applies a further basis that gives effect pearling
Then a clear coat to bring the two colors together visually
Our paints are made to the application of a single-stage single layer.
We manually producing each order, we got to the different formulations that resemble pearl finishes on the market.

It would also be possible to touch up kit with a 3-step paint with two colors and a transparent coating. Our experience has shown that this remodeling did not look good on your car, and most likely would not be satisfied.
After thousands of vehicles painted in pearl trading with our system, we can say with confidence that our kit was a great touch-up paint fornirnisce for pearl colors. It is not perfect, but it is still the best alternative to the body.


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