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How it work

With our kit you can make a touch for your car in a few simple steps.

We reccomend a Professional Kit: 4 products for one professional operation!

i nostri kit

Leverage the stripes left by the other cars and any improper spot, reduces surface scratches and mask

prima dopo

Original paint touch-up marker pen with fine tip.
Ideal for precision work, remodeling of the bodywork showing the minor damage. Now also micro damages are possible to repair!

prima dopo

Original paint Touch-up marker pen with medium tip.
The right product for touch-up of medium size, its special tip allows you to apply the original paint touch-up on large areas (maximum area of 2 euro coin) without sacrificing accuracy.


Transparent marker pen, gives transparency and brilliance to your touch.

For any further questions, please call our technical support:

numero verde

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